Women’s health is a sensitive issue. There are plenty of things related to women’s health that needs to be taken care of. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is a common hormonal syndrome found in women. This hormonal disorder affects around 12-18% of women in their reproductive age, and around 21% of women fall in the high-risk category.

PCOS can be hard to identify at the earliest as the symptoms are quite common and similar to other women’s health-related issues. In PCOS, women experience infrequent or prolonged menstrual cycle and excess levels of male hormones. PCOS can also lead to the collection of fluids in the ovaries that result in blocking the tissues.

The causes of PCOS are still unknown. The early diagnosis and treatment can help in taming down the situation and reduce the risk of complications. Hence it is essential to remain vigilant to the symptoms. It is advised to visit your gynecologist regularly to detect the early signs of PCOS. It would be best if you looked out who is the best gynecologist in Noida to who you can entrust your health.

Symptoms of PCOS

The symptoms of PCOS are developed over time and generally around your first menstrual period when you hit puberty. You can also experience sudden weight gain when you are suffering from PCOS. The symptoms can vary from person to person; hence it is essential to pay close attention. Take a look at some common signs of PCOS-:

  • Irregular Periods:Infrequent or prolonged period cycle is a common sign that you might have PCOS. For instance, you can have nine periods in a year that too abnormally heavy. If you have been experiencing this lately, you must confront your gynecologist about this.
  • Excess Levels of Androgen: Androgen is the male hormones that can increase to an abnormal level when you have PCOS. The excess levels of androgen can be witnessed through physical signs like excessive facial hair, several acne, and male patterned baldness.
  • Polycystic Ovaries: PCOS widely affects your eggs. During PCOS, your ovaries can enlarge and develop follicles surrounding your eggs. When these symptoms last for an extended period, your ovaries might stop functioning regularly.

All these symptoms can take a severe turn if you are obese. Hence it is advised to maintain your weight to steer clear from such situations.

The Bottom Line

Gynecological issues in women, and it is essential to find the right treatment to steer clear some such issues. PCOS is a hormonal disorder found in women where periods become infrequent or prolonged. Ovaries are blocked by fluid accumulation that often delays the release of eggs.

The above mentioned were some of the important symptoms that you need to know about PCOS in order to get the right treatment at the right time. Never ignore the signs and symptoms that your body gives regarding particular issues. It is advised to visit your gynecologist at regular intervals to get yourself checked thoroughly.

It is better to remain vigilant than to regret your condition later.