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TMT stands for Tread Mill Test. It is a screening tool to test the effect of exercise on the heart.

In this test patient is made to walk on a treadmill and electrical activity of the heart is measured with an ECG, and blood pressure recordings are taken every few minutes. As per a standard protocol, patient is made to walk till target heart rate is reached, but if the patient develops chest discomfort or ECG changes the test is terminated.

h6 style="color: #1a4871; font-size: 21px; font-weight: normal; font-family: Calibri;">The test is indicated:
  • to evaluate for worsening angina
  • to evaluate for coronary artery disease
  • to identify rhythm changes that may occur during exercise
  • to evaluate the significance of valvular stenosis
  • The test is usually positive when the coronary stenosis is >70%.

At Shanti Gopal Hospital the test is performed using highly advanced machines by our experienced professionals.