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An Enteroscopy helps doctors find and treat problems in the digestive system. A thin, flexible tube with a camera inside is used to see inside your body. This tube is called an Enteroscope.

In enteroscopy, one or two balloons are attached to that tube. These can be inflated to help with diagnosis or treatment. The procedure is also known as a:

    • Double balloon Enteroscopy
    • Double bubble
    • Push-and-pull Enteroscopy

Enteroscopy is used for detecting problems with your small intestine or stomach. If you have any of the following, doctors may recommend enteroscopy.

  • High immune cell count
  • Small bowel tumours
  • Blocked bowel passages
  • Intestinal damage from radiation
  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Chronic low iron
  • Unexplained severe diarrhoea
  • Unexplained malnutrition